Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Loans for Used Car - The Story of a Bad Credit Auto Buyer

Till Last Month

I have a problem, and it goes by the name of bad credit. It troubled me while buying a home. It is troubling me now when I want to buy a car. Is bad credit a taboo? Why lenders consider bad credit history a red flag? I made few mistakes in the past. I couldn’t make regular payments. But, things have changed now. I have a good job that enables me to live a comfortable life. I have paid most of my debts. Still, no lender wants to help me buy my favorite 2014 Chevy Camaro.


I own my favorite car that takes me to work. No longer waiting for the public transportation! Bye-bye, walking a couple of miles! I and few other colleagues carpool every day. We have become friends. I and my girlfriend can go places because we finally own a car. All in all, life’s good!

How did all this happen?

Hi, my name is Alfred. My world changed from painful to pleasurable with just 2 words -“Car Destination.” The company got me approved in just a couple of hours. Its online auto financing process is simple and stress-free. I filled an online application form, and the process was over.

Ron, Car Destination’s Pasadena representative called 2-3 days later and informed me about my loan approval. I was finally getting a car loan. He offered me a used car loan. I was determined to buy a brand new 2014 Camaro. I became depressed because I couldn’t buy my favorite car. But, Ron explained to me that getting opting for such a large amount of loan would be dangerous for my credit score. If I were unable to make regular payments, I would further damage my credit score. Also, I had just started a job, and it was important for me to opt for safer loan programs. I was skeptic about buying a used car but, Car Destination showed me another way –Certified Pre-Owned Camaro.

Why did I say yes to the offer of Used Car Loans?

>> The Chevy Camaro Zl1 Convertible that I wanted to buy was available at $60,555. But, a Certified Pre-Owned 2012 model was just for $24,615. Low price of the car meant lower loan amount and affordable monthly payments.

>> The dealer offered me additional warranty on the CPO car. So, it was like buying a new car at the cost of a used one.

>> A new car comes with a higher down payment amount. And, this amount increases for a bad credit buyer. But, as the used cars are cheaper, I didn’t have to pay much. I just paid $1500 as down payment.

So, these are my reasons for choosing a certified used car. It is cheaper than a new car and yet totally reliable. I thank Car Destination for helping me understand the benefits of CPOs. You not only offered me a reliable bad credit used car loan, but provided sound advice. It is because of you that I got affordable payments.

Car Destination is the perfect destination for your used car loan search. Get quick approval on bad credit used car loans. You just have to fill an online application form and the company will contact you with affordable loan quotes.

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