Friday, January 8, 2016

January is the Best Time to buy a Used Car in California!

Every day is journey. And, what would make the journey comfortable? The answer is a car. 

Every Californian knows the importance of a car. It ensures easy and comfortable commute. But, it is not necessary to spend a fortune on a car. You can buy an inexpensive yet reliable used car. 
 Purchase Used Car in California

Why Buy a Used Car in California?

A used car is a great option for car buyers of California because: 

• It is relatively cheaper than a new car. 
• Its depreciation rate is lower than a new car. 
• It has a low cost of insurance. 
• Its registration cost is low. 
• You can obtain low rate used car loans in California. 

When to buy a Used Car in California?

If you want more bangs for your bucks, a used car can be your perfect companion. But, you must remember that used cars are not as cheap as they used to be a couple of years ago. To obtain a used car within your budget, you need to know the best time for buying a used car. 

The best time to make a used car purchase is now. Yes, January is the time for welcoming home a pre-owned car because of the following reasons: 

The Price Cycle

When it comes to used cars, their prices follow a cyclic pattern. Prices peak during summer and follow a downward path hitting an all-time low in January.
Kelly Blue Book and provided insightful statistics regarding the used car prices. They analyzed past price trends of more than 12 million used cars and declared that the price difference between August and January can be as much as 5%.

Holiday Season

Holiday Season is all about families, parties and gifts. Buying a car is often the last thing on the minds of Californians. It is for this reason that used car prices are lower during the months of December and January. 

A Year Older

Used cars become a year older on January 1st. An example will make it clear. If a car is manufactured in December 2015, it will become a year older in January 2016. And, when a car becomes a year older, it affects the car buyers’ perceptions. Many Californian car buyers tend to shy away from buying a used car when so many new car models are available at the dealership lot. You can take advantage of the situation and buy a used car at lower price. 

New Car Models

As the year ends, dealership lots are filled with new car models. The dealers’ attention is on selling as many new cars as possible. Also, Californian car buyers throng the lots to benefit from the manufacturer’s incentives and buy new cars. 

As the focus of dealers and car buyers shifts to new cars, the price of used cars falls. It means you can bring home a used car at a low price. 

Take Advantage of Lower Price of Used Cars now.
 Pre-Approved Auto Financing in California

If you want to take advantage of low prices of used cars, you need to buy it quickly. And, a California used car loan program can help you in it. Obtain pre-approved auto financing in the Golden State with the help of an online auto financing company. 

An online auto financing company guarantees a comfortable loan process and provides you faster approval than a traditional lender. Also, they have flexible lending criteria. It means you can buy a used car with bad credit history.
So, do not waste any more time in buying a reliable and inexpensive used car. Buy now to save more. 

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