Saturday, October 30, 2021

How has the Covid-19 Pandemic changed the Used Car Buying Strategy?

Did you know why used cars are becoming costlier than ever? Gone are the days when you could walk into the dealership lot and buy a used car without any auto loan. What is the reason behind the sudden rise in the prices of used automobiles?

There is a global shortage of microchips essential for cars. And, so the manufacturing of new vehicles has suffered exponentially. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has also put innumerable roadblocks in the course of automobile production in the U.S.

It has also led to a dramatic rise in used car prices since 2019. In the recent months of May and June, experts have witnessed a sharp increase in used car pricing. However, the growth rate has tapered as of now. But, as things will return to normalcy, the prices of vehicles will continue to remain high. With the growing public preference for using personal vehicles instead of public transport, the demand for used cars will increase in the future.

Should you Wait for the Used Car Prices to Reduce?

Although the current rise in used car prices is due to manufacturing roadblocks, you should not wait to buy a vehicle. If you sit back and wait for the prices to drop, then you might have to wait for long.

a) With the improvement in automobile technology, dealers and lenders have realized that vehicles that have more than 100,000 miles on the odometer can still function optimally and deliver good results. It means you can get an auto loan even if you choose an older vehicle.

b) Until manufacturers reach full-production capacity, they will focus more on profitable car models. It means the general public will not be able to afford new cars. The demand for reliable used cars will remain high for quite some time.

c) There is another added advantage of trading in your current car to buy a used one. With the high demand for used vehicles, you will get a higher price for your existing car. It means you will enjoy a profitable trade-in, and it will help you reduce the overall cost of your auto loan.

d) You can wait to buy a used car if you can manage your work from home and do not need your vehicle to run errands. However, purchase it when you are resuming your job.

Why should you get Car Financing for Buying a Used Car in 2021?

Do you think it is difficult to get used car loans today? Do you want to buy an affordable car in 2021? Let’s find out why opting for used car financing is a wise decision.

a) Auto financing is a better decision, even if you have money on hand to pay the dealer. It will improve your credit score and establish a stable financial history. It is a good choice, especially when you do not want to take money out of your emergency funds.

b) Used car loans are better than personal loans because of their low cost. As the lender will use your vehicle as collateral, he will be sure of getting a return on his investment. So, you will enjoy a faster loan approval process, higher loan amount, and affordable interest rates.

c) Many subprime auto lenders are ready to offer bad credit auto loans for buying used vehicles. If your credit score falls below 630, you can still get an auto loan and make an affordable car purchase.

Do not make a Hasty Decision.

The main advantage of buying a used car was its affordable cost. But the recent pandemic has increased the cost of used vehicles, thus making auto loans necessary. However, do not make a hasty decision. There are many things to consider when applying for a used car loan. Before signing the loan contract, check all the aspects in detail. Check your interest rate and compare it with other loan quotes to arrive at a profitable decision.

To ensure a quick car purchase in 2021, arrange pre-approved bad credit auto loans. It will improve your bargaining power and ensure that you get your favourite car in no time.

Friday, January 8, 2016

January is the Best Time to buy a Used Car in California!

Every day is journey. And, what would make the journey comfortable? The answer is a car. 

Every Californian knows the importance of a car. It ensures easy and comfortable commute. But, it is not necessary to spend a fortune on a car. You can buy an inexpensive yet reliable used car. 
 Purchase Used Car in California

Why Buy a Used Car in California?

A used car is a great option for car buyers of California because: 

• It is relatively cheaper than a new car. 
• Its depreciation rate is lower than a new car. 
• It has a low cost of insurance. 
• Its registration cost is low. 
• You can obtain low rate used car loans in California. 

When to buy a Used Car in California?

If you want more bangs for your bucks, a used car can be your perfect companion. But, you must remember that used cars are not as cheap as they used to be a couple of years ago. To obtain a used car within your budget, you need to know the best time for buying a used car. 

The best time to make a used car purchase is now. Yes, January is the time for welcoming home a pre-owned car because of the following reasons: 

The Price Cycle

When it comes to used cars, their prices follow a cyclic pattern. Prices peak during summer and follow a downward path hitting an all-time low in January.
Kelly Blue Book and provided insightful statistics regarding the used car prices. They analyzed past price trends of more than 12 million used cars and declared that the price difference between August and January can be as much as 5%.

Holiday Season

Holiday Season is all about families, parties and gifts. Buying a car is often the last thing on the minds of Californians. It is for this reason that used car prices are lower during the months of December and January. 

A Year Older

Used cars become a year older on January 1st. An example will make it clear. If a car is manufactured in December 2015, it will become a year older in January 2016. And, when a car becomes a year older, it affects the car buyers’ perceptions. Many Californian car buyers tend to shy away from buying a used car when so many new car models are available at the dealership lot. You can take advantage of the situation and buy a used car at lower price. 

New Car Models

As the year ends, dealership lots are filled with new car models. The dealers’ attention is on selling as many new cars as possible. Also, Californian car buyers throng the lots to benefit from the manufacturer’s incentives and buy new cars. 

As the focus of dealers and car buyers shifts to new cars, the price of used cars falls. It means you can bring home a used car at a low price. 

Take Advantage of Lower Price of Used Cars now.
 Pre-Approved Auto Financing in California

If you want to take advantage of low prices of used cars, you need to buy it quickly. And, a California used car loan program can help you in it. Obtain pre-approved auto financing in the Golden State with the help of an online auto financing company. 

An online auto financing company guarantees a comfortable loan process and provides you faster approval than a traditional lender. Also, they have flexible lending criteria. It means you can buy a used car with bad credit history.
So, do not waste any more time in buying a reliable and inexpensive used car. Buy now to save more. 

Car Destination is the perfect destination for obtaining instant used car loans in San Jose. Apply with the bad credit auto loan expert to enjoy pre-approved auto financing in Sacramento.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bad Credit Buyers looking for Used Car Loans - We believe in you

Do not worry if you have a terrible credit score. Do not take tension of your late payments. Do not be anxious of approval. It’s time to forget your every bad credit worry because Used Car Loans for Bad Credit is here. The online auto financing program is specially designed for bad credit car buyers. Its simple approval criteria ensure that your bad credit problemdoesn’t remain a problem.

Bad credit buyers do get car loans but the interest rates are exorbitant. The company wanted to stop this injustice and so introduced cheaper rates on used car loans with bad credit. It’s okay if you don’t have money to make down payment. You can opt for no down payment financing easily.

The company believes that every car buyer should have access to easy car financing. If you are interested in getting quick approval and lower rates, apply now.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Sirius XM is very serious about Used Cars

With the Cash for Clunkers Program, used cars have become more reliable. Now, there is one more reason to buy a used car. For all the music lovers, Sirius XM, the radio satellite provider has decided to enter the used car market.

The company has contracts with several major manufacturers. But, its growth has slowed down over the last few years. With a stable penetration ratio in the new car market, subscriber growth for the satellite provider is getting stagnant. The company’s new net subscribers in the Q1 2014 were 2, 67,000whereas it added 7, 20,000 subscribers in Q3 2014.

The main reason for entering the used car market is that companies like CarMax and Vehix have reported that satellite radio penetration in the used car market is just around 30%. The number shows that the market is unsaturated and has great potential.

This month Sirius XM announced that it will provide its services to auto dealers as well. It will be provided using a Reynolds ERA Dealership Management System via the Reynolds Certificate Interface Program. With this program, the dealers will able to participate in Pre-owned and Service Lane Programs. They will be able to use the radio during test-drives. They will be able to offer three-month free subscription to used car buyers.

Here are few of the Programs that are offered to Used Car Buyers by Sirius XM

>> 2 Week Subscription offer

Sirius XM is trying to activate idle OEM-installed radios in used cars. The company is offering two-week free subscription for used car buyers. The introductory price is very low at $5 per month for the first five months. It is $25 if you decide to make a lump sum payment for the first six months.

>> Direct-to-Dealer Pre-Owned Program

The company targets high-end used cars with this program. Sirius XM initially signed contracts of free monthly trials for certified used cars only. But, now they have extended this service to any used car that had a satellite radio installed. Today, 12,100 dealers are included in this program.

>> Service Lane Program

This program was launched in August 2013. It includes two-month free subscriptions for those car owners who serviced their vehicles at particular stations. It has targeted Hispanic stations and extended free trial along with low subscription fee.

So, these are the program through which Sirius XM is trying to grow its subscriber base. The company is making used cars an equally better option for car buyers. So, if you are looking to buy a car, used cars are a good option.

Buying a good used car is very easy today. Get better rates on better used cars with Used Auto Loans for Bad Credit. It is the perfect opportunity of improving your credit score as well. Apply now.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Used Car and Bad Credit is the Perfect Combination – 3 Solid Reasons

In the times of fast food and over-night deliveries, I won’t be wasting your time in sermonizing you on improving your credit score. This article won’t explain you the boring and done-to-death “importance of a good credit score”. You don’t have a good credit score. So, what? Most Americans don’t have excellent credit score and it’s not very important. What’s important is that you get a reliable car now. And, this piece of writing will help you in doing the same.

Ample Car Options with Bad Credit

Buying any car is easy today. Lenders are offering loans for buying a new car as well as a used car. They even offer loans for a private party car purchase. However, I suggest you to choose a used car. It’s not that your bad credit history makes you default contender for used cars. But, used automobiles are a better choice for people with any credit history.

Why should you buy a Used Car?

Used cars are less expensive than a new car model. And, a lower loan amount means affordable monthly payments. This situation is ideal for a bad credit borrower because it helps in improving credit score.

Even though used cars have clear benefits, people have always evaded them. The reason is that there are higher chances of ending up with a car way past its prime. But today, there are incredible automobile buying programs that help you in choosing a safe and trustworthy car.

1. Cash for Clunker

The 2009 Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS) or the Cash for Clunkers Program allowed automobile buyers to get rid of their old cars. Buyers got credit to buy more fuel-efficient new cars. Because of the program, superannuated cars were taken off the road. This means most used cars that are available in the market are just 5-6 years old. So, why spend a fortune on a new car when nearly new cars are much more affordable?

2. National Motor Vehicle Title Information System(NMVTS)

In 2009, NMVTS was formed to protect consumers from fraud and unsafe vehicles. It also had the goal of preventing resale of stolen vehicles. If you visit the website, you will realize that it is easier to know the history of a vehicle. This system has made it easier to eliminate the chances of buying a broken down vehicle or a scrap.

3. Certified Used Cars

Lexus and Mercedes-Benz started the culture of CPOs or Certified Pre-Owned Cars in 1990s. Today, not only manufacturers but dealers also offer CPOs. There are even third-party agencies that provide the Certification. A certified used car is a better option because it has been thoroughly inspected and includes an additional warranty. This ensures that you stay away from buying a lemon.

With these programs, you can definitely improve your chances of getting the most reliable and value-for-money car. But, don’t forget to take the car for test-drive. It is because only you can be the best judge of your car.

So, don’t worry about your credit score. Just go out there and buy a used car that’s just perfect for you.

Buying a used car became just more affordable. Car Destination brings easy auto financing options for buying pre-owned automobiles. Bad credit buyers are eligible for lower rates. Apply now for bad credit old car loan with this amazing opportunity today.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Loans for Used Car - The Story of a Bad Credit Auto Buyer

Till Last Month

I have a problem, and it goes by the name of bad credit. It troubled me while buying a home. It is troubling me now when I want to buy a car. Is bad credit a taboo? Why lenders consider bad credit history a red flag? I made few mistakes in the past. I couldn’t make regular payments. But, things have changed now. I have a good job that enables me to live a comfortable life. I have paid most of my debts. Still, no lender wants to help me buy my favorite 2014 Chevy Camaro.


I own my favorite car that takes me to work. No longer waiting for the public transportation! Bye-bye, walking a couple of miles! I and few other colleagues carpool every day. We have become friends. I and my girlfriend can go places because we finally own a car. All in all, life’s good!

How did all this happen?

Hi, my name is Alfred. My world changed from painful to pleasurable with just 2 words -“Car Destination.” The company got me approved in just a couple of hours. Its online auto financing process is simple and stress-free. I filled an online application form, and the process was over.

Ron, Car Destination’s Pasadena representative called 2-3 days later and informed me about my loan approval. I was finally getting a car loan. He offered me a used car loan. I was determined to buy a brand new 2014 Camaro. I became depressed because I couldn’t buy my favorite car. But, Ron explained to me that getting opting for such a large amount of loan would be dangerous for my credit score. If I were unable to make regular payments, I would further damage my credit score. Also, I had just started a job, and it was important for me to opt for safer loan programs. I was skeptic about buying a used car but, Car Destination showed me another way –Certified Pre-Owned Camaro.

Why did I say yes to the offer of Used Car Loans?

>> The Chevy Camaro Zl1 Convertible that I wanted to buy was available at $60,555. But, a Certified Pre-Owned 2012 model was just for $24,615. Low price of the car meant lower loan amount and affordable monthly payments.

>> The dealer offered me additional warranty on the CPO car. So, it was like buying a new car at the cost of a used one.

>> A new car comes with a higher down payment amount. And, this amount increases for a bad credit buyer. But, as the used cars are cheaper, I didn’t have to pay much. I just paid $1500 as down payment.

So, these are my reasons for choosing a certified used car. It is cheaper than a new car and yet totally reliable. I thank Car Destination for helping me understand the benefits of CPOs. You not only offered me a reliable bad credit used car loan, but provided sound advice. It is because of you that I got affordable payments.

Car Destination is the perfect destination for your used car loan search. Get quick approval on bad credit used car loans. You just have to fill an online application form and the company will contact you with affordable loan quotes.